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Myth: I bought “full coverage” so everything’s paid for.
Reality: There is no such thing as “full coverage.” In most states, only liability insurance is mandatory. There are a lot of other coverage options out there, so select what you need and can afford based on your personal situation. Car Insurance in St louis is something we have a lot of experience with.

Myth: I need three estimates before my wrecked vehicle can be repaired.
Reality: Not necessarily. Very few insurers actually require this, although some might. If you decide to use a shop that’s in an insurance company’s “network” of pre-approved shops you may just have to get an estimate from that shop.

Myth: My insurance premium always increases if I’m involved in an accident.
Reality: It depends. Your rate can increase, decrease or stay the same. The information about your accident is combined with other information about you, your car and your driving history to determine your insurance rate.

Myth: If I lend my car to someone and he/she crashes it, I’m covered.
Reality: Not so fast. If you or your friend don’t have optional physical damage coverages, damage to your vehicle generally won’t be covered.

Myth: If I buy a new car, my auto insurance company automatically knows; and my new car is covered.
Reality: No. Most insurance companies require that you notify them or your agent within a specified number of days. In St Louis MO insurance companies give you  14 days to add the new vehicle to your policy.



 We'll explain the myriad of insurance choices so you can look forward to a brighter, more secure future. To do this we evaluate your specific needs, find the company that will give you the best value for your dollar, while supplying a superior standard of protection. The companies we represent offer tested, reliable insurance products, excellent customer service and have an outstanding reputation for fast, fair claims service.


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